Monday, June 8, 2009

Biography of James Barefoot

James Barefoot came from Berks county (Pennsylvania, United States) in 1809. He settled at St. Clairsville, where he remained until 1813, then removed to a farm near Dunning's creek, on which he remained until 1817. He then purchased two hundred and twenty acres of wild land from David Riley, on Gordon's creek (West St. Clair Twp.), settled upon it and began improving. Mr. Barefoot was married, in 1810, to Mary Sleek, of Frederick county, Maryland. Mrs. Barefoot is still living, at the age of ninety-two. The family had their full share of pioneer experiences and hardships. During their first year on their farm they lived in a cabin which had no doors or windows. Mrs. Barefoot, who has lived to see the fifth generation of her descendants, still resides in the old log house which her husband built in 1817. James Barefoot built a sawmill on Gordon's creek in 1842, which was the first mill in that neighborhood. He followed farming and the millwright's trade. He died in 1844. His children are Rebecca (Moore), Elizabeth (Hammer), Sarah (Reininger), deceased, William, Isabella (Taylor), James, Mary (Stanton), Margaret (Bowers), Samuel, Job, Charlotte and George.James Barefoot, son of James, Sr., was reared on the old homestead. From 1844 to 1853 he farmed on the old place. In 1853 he purchased of Jacob Snyder the farm on which he now lives. He has good buildings and improvements.The following statistics concerning the descendants of James Barefoot in this county furnish a remarkable illustration of the agency of one family in populating a township:Number of children living, eleven: dead, one. Number of grandchildren living, seventy-one; dead, eighteen. Number of great-grandchildren living, one hundred and thirty-six; dead, eighteen. Number of great-great-grandchildren living, six; dead, one. Total number of descendants, two hundred and sixty-four, of whom two hundred and twenty-four are living.Samuel Barefoot lives on the old homestead of the family. He learned the trade of carding and cloth-dressing in Somerset, in 1844-7, and followed that business several years.George W. Barefoot, son of James Barefoot, was born and reared on the old homestead, and now lives in the Barefoot neighborhood. He owns a house and lot in Pleasantville. Mr. Barefoot is now leading a retired life.(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania;Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884, p. 290-1.)

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