Saturday, September 19, 2009

Leacock Cemetery Barefoot Tombstones

Tombstones at the Leacock Cemetery, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Old Leacock Cemetery/Leacock Presbyterian Graveyard - Leacock, Lancaster,(Old Philadelphia Pike, Rt. 23, close to the town of Paradise,Pennsylvania)

After walking all over the Leacock Cemetery, my husband and I found tombstones for only Samuel, Philip, Job, and Agnes (McCaskey) Barefoot. While there are claims that Benjamin Barefoot is buried in this cemetery, there is neither record nor tombstone of his interment there.

Job Palmer Barefoot is Benjamin's youngest son. Since Benjamin was in Fayette Country shortly after Job Palmer's birth, Job probably never knew his father. Job Palmler is buried with his wife Agnes (McCaskey) Barefoot and one of his sons - Philip, who died very young. Also, in Plot 4, Row 28, we found Samuel Barefoot, Benjamin's son and Job Palmer's older brother, who died young in 1814. It seems logical that Benjamin went to Fayette County, and he died there some time before his wife Rebecca took a job at Joanna Furnace. When Rebecca Ross moved from Berks to Bedford County, her body was not returned to Leacock Cemetery for burial; instead, she is interred in Bedford County, PA. One would assume, considering the time period and mode of transportation, that Benjamin probably died in Fayette County and is buried there. Jack and Sylvia Sonneborn

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