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You should not attempt to approach the Daughters of the American Revolution with a request to join using a bogus relationship to Col. George Ross.  The James Ross that is Col. George's son would not have been the same age as our ancestor, and his wife was Anna Maria Sabina Kuhn. From the website of David J. Hooker on this family, he clarifies the birth of George's son James:  " Anna married Col. James Ross, son of Esq., Col. George Ross II and Anne Lawler, about 1769 in Conestoga, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.648 (Col. James Ross was born on 28 Nov 1753 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA 648,1040 and died on 24 Aug 1808 in Natchez, Adams, Mississippi, USA." 

Our ancestor James Ross was born about 1747 and died 14 November 1798 in Caernavon Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvania. On Rebecca Ross's death certificate, her family lists her mother as Ruth, not Anna Maria. We are not certain how the bad connection was made, but many of our ancestors at the early Barefoot Reunions claim direct descent from Colonel George Ross.  Unfortunately, we do not know the father of our James Ross, although there is some  speculation on this blogspot. If you will peruse the information herein, you, too, will be able to see that someone made a bad connection.

Because of the close proximity of James Ross to the Colonel George Ross family, some speculate that our James Ross could be a younger brother of Col. George Ross.  This is not proven or disproven.  It needs more research.  The James Ross, son of Col. George, died in Mississippi.  That is not the case for our James.  Becky Barefoot at under ROSS provides some additional information on this matter.

Researcher Sharon Sheldon has provided a Corrections letter to the DAR.  Those of you who are members of the DAR under the Col. George Ross will be allowed to retain your membership, but no new members will be accepted claiming that lineage. We know that the information on Rebecca Ross's tombstone in Bedford County is incorrect, but it is very expensive to remove, and our reunion does not have enough interested members to raise the money to correct it.  

On the blog, this is a description of how to join the DAR using Mary Sleek/Sleek Barefoot's father Sgt. William Slick by Terry Gribble, and our own James Ross qualifies us for membership if you can find the documentation of his service. You will see incorrect links of Col. George Ross and our James Ross by seasoned researchers on the Internet, but this does not make it correct.  Please be alert and apprise those with incorrect links about the correct information. We still have a proud heritage and many hard working blacksmiths and millwrights, teachers, and lumberjacks in our line along with those who have served our country.  Be proud of our revered pioneers.

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